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Frequently Asked Questions

Bro why did you even make this site?

How do I use this tool?

Great question! All you have to do is paste a string (text, link, or otherwise) into the box at the top of the page and click "Tell me!" to see an inverted look at what characters your text includes.

What even is this thing?

Another great question! Here's another one for you: have you ever had something (like a shortlink) on one device that you needed to type out on another, but you can't tell if that one character is an uppercase "i" or a lowercase "L"? That happens to me all the time (for some reason), so I made this simple little tool.

How is my data handled?

Simple answer: it's not! All the cool code stuff is done by your browser — nothing you put in that box is ever transmitted to my server, so there's no need to worry about the potential sensativity of something you type or paste. The site doesn't store cookies either, so if you find any it's probably your own fault.

Can I embed this site?

Heck yeah! You can embed this site anywhere you'd like, however you'd like. Here's some starter code:

<iframe src="" style="height:100%; width:100%;"></iframe>

If you want to embed just the tool (and not all this boring FAQ jazz), use this alternate code:

<iframe src="" style="height:100%; width:100%;"></iframe>

But for real though, I'd really appreciate if you didn't just straight up rip the content of this site and brand it as your own. That's not cool, espeially considering I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to put code in a text box like what you see above. Use that instead, and everything will be cool with the universe (theoretically, that is).

Thanks! Now how can I support you?

Gah, best question ever. You can donate to my noble cause, or just spread the word about this site! Either one is a huge help.